Six Sigma

ADROIT LEARNING AND MANPOWER PVT LTD has a specialization in providing Six Sigma training to the employees so that they can efficiently identify the causes of defects or errors in the business process or manufacturing or service delivery. At the heart of Six Sigma, it aims at “Breakthrough Performance Improvement.” Six Sigma training uses a set of management methods and aims at creating professionals, who have expertise in these methods, within an organization.

What is Lean

Lean is basically a philosophy aiming at consistent eradication of wastes within a company in order to make all the activities of the company value adding from the client’s point of view. Lean also refers to the velocity as well as flow. An organization, in which the work flow is not hindered by anything, is called a lean organization.

Why Need Lean

Lean is a philosophy that aims at the free flow of the supply chain of the company and attacks all sorts of wastes within the company. A Lean centric company is highly responsive to the needs of the clients. As the Six Sigma, Lean provides the company with manifold benefits. In order to triumph in today’s highly competitive environment, it’s essential for the companies to practice Lean. We, at ADROIT LEARNING AND MANPOWER PVT LTD, provide the companies with Lean training as well as certification.

Our Trainer

Our Trainer is a veteran and astute Senior Management professional at ADROIT LEARNING AND MANPOWER PVT LTD.

His expertise areas encompass:

  • Business Transformation
  • Performance improvement
  • Process and Operations Excellence (Six Sigma / Lean / BPR)
  • Process modeling and Analytics
  • Audits and Assurance systems
  • Business and Marketing Strategy
  • Business Systems / E-Business
  • Outsourcing and off shoring

A couple of times, he has been named as a winner of “CEO Performance excellence” award for his extraordinary achievements. He has handled roles as consultant, facilitator and trainer for the various global organizations and led performance improvement and large scale business transformation to significantly enhance the quality performance, cost structure, productivity and cycle time of the business.

From the educational point of view, he is an M. Tech (Honors) in Quality, Reliability and Operations research from the internationally renowned ISI, Calcutta and holds a First degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Madras. In addition, his Six Sigma Competency touches the paramount level. He has taken numerous excellent initiatives for the professionals and organizations across industry sectors, functions, domains and management levels.

Over the years, he has consulted, trained and advised many companies and participants in Lean, TQM, Six Sigma, Operations / Process Excellence certification programs, etc.

Examples of Six-Sigma

There are numerous companies in the world that have deployed Six Sigma. Motorola, GE, Ford, Caterpillar, Microsoft, Wipro, and HP – these are some of the companies that have witnessed the immense benefits of Six Sigma. However, if some of the companies have struggled with Six Sigma deployments. This is because these companies didn’t utilize third party, which has expertise in Six Sigma, to review and provide important recommendations in order to improve the program.

Situations That Trigger The Requirement Of Six Sigma And /Or Lean:

  • When you want to reduce the number of defects arising in various operational processes.
  • When you want to outshine your counterparts.
  • When you want your organization to become a quality centric one.
  • When you want to increase the productivity of the employees.
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