Adroit has a versatile approach in training. We partner with the best of trainers, coaches, facilitators across the country and offer best of services to the Client organizations.
We have delivered some excellent programs like:
1) NLP practitioner programs
2) NLP for Peak Performance in sports
3) Outbound Trainings with Belbin Team Roles Assessments
4) Six sigma program
5) Assessment centre for Telecom
6) ASAP *trademark of ALMPL (Adroit Soft skills and Accent Reduction Program) Module Designed by Ms.Mandeep Kochhar
7) ABC of Image *trademark of ALMPL . A Customised module Designed by Ms.Mandeep Kochhar
8) Project Management
9) ACE *trademark of ALMPL ( Adroit Communication Effectiveness) Module Designed by Ms.Mandeep Kochhar

And all our programs are completely customized according to the needs of the organization. Only after a clear understanding and a mutually decided outcome we take over the project.

  • Corporate Training

    We have a specialization in providing Corporate Training Services encompassing Soft Skills, Effective Communication, Outbound Training, Open House Training, and International Certification. Our Corporate Training Services are held by erudite professionals who aim at the overall development of the candidates. Over the years, these professionals have trained hundreds of candidates and opened new horizons for […]

  • Outbound Training

    In today’s globally competitive world that is wrought with change, sans the geographical limits and with the pressure to perform, the need of the hour is for smart thinking, swift action and effective people skills – qualities that are more effectively developed in an experiential setting than through classroom training. Plato said, “You can discover […]

  • NLP – Neuro-linguistic programming

    The ‘Neuro’ part of NLP acknowledges the core idea that all behaviour stems from our neurological processes of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and feeling. We experience the world through our five senses. We make ‘sense’ of that information and then act on it. Our neurology covers not only our invisible thought processes, but also […]

  • TEFL / Voice & Accent Neutralization

    Training Objective– The Business English module of TEFL based curriculum will help the trainees acquire awareness on the importance of language in order to communicate effectively. They will enhance their fluency in written and spoken language by practicing the 4 skills of the English language.   Learning Objectives–  To understand the basics of communication To understand […]

  • Training for Colleges

    Development of Soft Skills and Personality is becoming increasingly important as there is intense competition for the job positions available. It is now well-established that many students who otherwise perform well in the traditional examination are very deficient in communication skills. The objective of this training program is to train the students in soft skills […]

  • OD Intervention

    These are sensitive interventions for any organizations. They purposely disrupt the status quo and are deliberate attempts to change the sail, towards a different and more effective state. Our associate trainers are experienced and intelligent people who diagnose, prescribe, execute and bring up sustainable institutions. We offer solutions that use: Positive Psychology and strength-based intervention Inquiry based […]