Sales Training

sales-training-5568We have expertise in providing Sales Training to the candidates. Through our Sales Training participants can excel in:

  • Helping the potential consumers get what they want
  • Using goal-setting techniques to accomplish goals and objectives
  • Promptly recognizing the disparity between the different products and services, and understanding the benefits of the same
  • Identifying the key task of customer service and telephone sales
  • Developing their communication, listening and problem solving skills


  • What is soft selling all about?
  • Behind every sale is a person and the attitude and the skills.
  • Find out what the customer wants
  • Figure out how to help them get it
  • People buy trust and service
  • That first seven seconds

Setting Achievable Goals

  • The value of setting goals
  • The characteristics of SMART goals
  • Developing a strategy to reach your goals
  • Celebrating success & thinking like a winner

Know Your Products And Services

  • What are your products and services?
  • Know the FAB you can offer
  • What are their outstanding features or USPs?
  • How do these benefit customers?

Telephone Techniques

  • The verbal handshake
  • Using your voice effectively
  • Telephone manners
  • Using your telephone as a sales tool
  • Building relationships by phone

Objection Handling

  • They are an indicator of a sale
  • Handling the price Objection
  • Add value to you product
  • Close and Ask for the sale
  • Personal Action Plan
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