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Development of Soft Skills and Personality is becoming increasingly important as there is intense competition for the job positions available. It is now well-established that many students who otherwise perform well in the traditional examination are very deficient in communication skills. The objective of this training program is to train the students in soft skills and develop their personalities in order to empower them and raise their awareness. This training will also help the students increase their employability potential and face the challenges of the present times.
Adroit is keen to extend its expertise and extensive knowledge gathered over the years in training. We believe that the experience shared in this training would help ease the transition of college students into the workplace and be prepared for challenging situations that they may encounter.

The College Training conducted by Adroit focuses on three areas:

  1. Soft Skills Training
  2. Job Placement Training
  3. Motivational Training

We provide Demand specific Training. The Module is customizable according to the requirements of the students. We also provide flexibility in the delivery of our module contents depending upon the convenience of the Educational Institutes.

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